Europe's Largest Supplier and Restorer of Original Cast Iron Radiators 

yardWSince conception over 10 years ago we have grown to become one of the largest suppliers of original cast iron radiators in Europe. Resulting from our investment in dedicated in-house facilities and our skilled workforce, we can provide high quality fully refurbished products compatible with modern heating systems.  With an estimated 4,500 radiators awaiting restoration we are able to fulfil all our customers needs.

The Old Radiator Company can refurbish customer’s radiators and/or we can supply complementary tested, refurbished, primed radiators from our large stock.

For Old Radiator Company supplied radiators we offer a “ready to go” or a customer bespoke service.

Collection from Site

For a refurbishment of a customer's radiator we are able to collect from site in one of our own vehicles and deliver back when the refurbishment is complete. Contact us when you know the radiators will be disconnected and accessible on the ground floor to agree a collection date. Collection is specified as kerb-side only, our driver will assist you at his discretion. Please ensure you have sufficient labour on site.

All radiators follow the same refurbishment process as detailled below:

Removing old fittings

The first stage of the process is to remove the old fittings. In the past heating systems were gravity fed where the inlet was at the top of the radiator and the outlet at the bottom. 


Next the radiators are flushed internally using a high pressure water system ensuring any sediment in the radiator is removed as far as is possible. We advise, as is common practise with any central heating system, that a filter be installed in the pipework.

Replace Bushes

The original fittings are now replaced with modern equivalents so ensuring compatibility with the customer’s central heating system in size and orientation. All radiators supplied from The Old Radiator Company will be fitted with new 15mm bushes with bottom feed and return unless otherwise specified by the customer.

Pressure Testing

pressure_testWPressure testing is an important part of our quality control procedure to detect any pinhole leaks and hairline cracks not visible to the human eye. The radiator is pressure tested using air to 4Bar giving a margin of safety as most central heating work at 2Bar.  Any pressure drop indicates a leak which is located and repaired or replaced if possible and the procedure repeated, otherwise the radiator is rejected.

For a customer refurb if we fiind any damaged or leaking sections, our skilled workforce can remove sections and rebuild the radiator to replace the damaged any that are damaged. We will talk to you first to discuss the options and any cost implications.



Shot Blasting

The radiators are blasted in our in-house unit by our specialist blaster.
The shot blasting efficiently removes the layers of paint exposing the bare metal. This process is safer and more environmentally friendly than alternative processes using caustic soda.
Following the blasting process the radiator is pressure tested again. If a customer supplied radiator fails at any stage a member of the Old Radiator Company will contact the customer to discuss the options and any additional costs before proceeding.


RefurbishmentWThen the radiator is ready for finishing, the customer has the following finishing options:

1. Painting in the Old Radiator Company house colours (included in the price).
2. Painting in Fallow and Ball or customer specified paint.
3. Polishing.

The radiators can be painted in either the Old Radiator Company stock colours or customer specified paint. The costs quoted include the painting in the stock colours (please see the section on Finishing to see the latest colours) for a customer specified colour there is a charge of £50 for one radiator which reduces to £30 per radiator for more than one radiator in the same colour/finish. Painting in the Ardenbrite metallic paint is charged at £60 per radiator.




Hand Polishing

This process carried out off-site is a labour intensive process which involves hand polishing which highlights the detail of the casting. The radiator is then oiled to protect the finish, this results in a truly striking finish. The cost of this finish is £19.50 per section of cast iron radiator.

The only maintenance required is to wipe the surface with a small amount of ‘WD40’ a couple of times per year or as the customer requires.




We will arrange a convenient day with you and confirm either a morning or afternoon delivery. If requested, on the day our driver will call you when he is about an hour away from site. Delivery is specified as kerb-side only , our driver will assist you at his discretion. Please ensure you have sufficient labour on site.

Refurbishment of customer's supplied radiators is from £225.00 per radiator for radiators with feet attached and from £250.00 per radiator for radiators without attached feet, collection & delivery is from £95.00 each way per order. The lead-time is currently 5-6 weeks from date of collection (all prices exclude vat @ 20%).

We can also supply wall ties (painted or plated metal finishes) and thermostatic or manual valves in a variety of metal finishes priced from £95 plus VAT to compliment your refurbished radiator, please either look on our finishing touches page or phone us for more details.

Customers are more than welcome to drop off and collect radiators, but as a standard we will palletise them, please let us know if this is a problem and we can arrange something suitable.

All we ask for is a 50% deposit with the balance payable upon, or prior to delivery - if you have any further questions then please do not hesitate in calling our sales team on: 01233 850082



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