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Ornate and Unusual Radiators
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Ornate, Church and Unusual Radiators Ready to go

Ornate and Unusual Radiators

Ornate radiators generally come from France but for example the Beeston radiator is British and dates back to 1896.

Please see below some of the styles of our ornate and unusual radiators. All of our radiators are original and these radiators are particulary rare. We have an ever changing stock so please check with one of our sales team and based on your requirements we can advise what sizes and styles we have available.  

Ornate and unusual radiators are charged from £85 plus vat per section at a minimum of 7 sections.

As per all other radiator styles the ornate radiators can either be painted or polished. Please refer to the 'Finishing Touches' page for more details.  

Call us today to place an order or make an enquiry. 

Ornate Princess 

polished with valves and shrouds W

 Ornate 3 Column Princess

3colpolishedpricess full detai wl

Ornate Duchess 

full detail polished low Ornate Duchess W


full churchill rad polished W

 Ornate Beeston Narrow

ornate narow beeston polished red hallway

 Ornate Beeston

polished beeston 24 high w

Ornate 3 Column Beeston 

Polished Low Beeston End On2 W

 The Wave

the wave 1

 Art Nouveau Narrow

Duchess and Princess

 Art Nouveau

2 column art nouveau polished full detail w


polished daisy end w


ventilo 1



 IMG 0805

Eared Duchess

CurlyEaredDuchess W



Eared Princess


750mm high eared Princess polished





Ornate, Church and Unusual Radiators Ready to go

The quoted prices include the finish as specified, please refer to the list of colours in the section entitled Finishing touches. Should you want them repainted we can colour match Farrow and Ball colours or paint in any customer specified RAL number or alternative paint company colour from an additional £30 per radiator. The Ardenbrite metallic paint finishes are charged at an additional £60 per radiator. The radiators can also be professionally polished at an additional cost of £19.50 per section of radiator

All prices exclude 20% VAT.

Call us today to place an order or make an enquiry. 

 Click on the image of the radiator to see images of that style.


 IMG 1074   Stafford A    

Ornate Tubular Church

Sold - We have others available. 



(Non-Ornate Toronto) 

17" High, 7 Sections, 29" Long


3255 BTUs

Stock Code: 270408


Low Church 

16" High, 14 Sections, 42.25" Long


Stock Code: 270433


3 Column Ornate Princess

18.5" High, 13 Sections, 39" Long


6045 BTUs

Stock Code: 270430


 IMG 6227 Ornate Chubby Churchill 1   IMG 1131 IMG 6242     

Ornate Duchess 

38" High, 5 Sections, 15" Long

Grey Bronze

Stock Code: 270421


Ornate Chubby Churchill

13" High, 10 Sections, 30" Long, " Deep

4,350 BTUs


Stock Code: 270439


Double Church

6.5" High, 16 Sections, 48" Long, 7" Deep


Stock Code: 270429


SOLD - But Others Available 


39.5" High, 6 Sections, 18" Long 

4970 BTUs


Stock Code: 270425




 IMG 6244

Art Nouveau Narrow 1

Wave A

Double Church 2     


36" High, 8 Sections, 24.5" Long,

3.5" Deep


Stock Code: 270428


Art Nouveau Narrow

32" High, 12 Sections, 29.5" Long, 4.5" Deep

5400 BTUs


Stock Code: 270448



39" High, 38" Long

7" Deep


Stock Code: 270403


Double Church 

23" High, 4x2 Sections, 17.5" Long, 9.75" Deep



Stock Code: 270450

  Ventilo A  

The Liddy A 

 Ornate Princess 4      


28.5" High, 10 Sections,

31.25" Long, 4" Deep

3,800 BTUs


Stock Code: 270434



The Liddy

35" High, 7 Sections,

22.5" Long, 8.5" Deep


Stock Code: 270436


Ornate Princess 

32" High, 5 Sections, 15" Wide

2485 BTUS


Stock Code: 270442










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